Our Cuisine

This is something that attracts our guests the most. Of course, everyone says it’s the nature, the landscape, us… but we know very well that our guests love our food!

What is served usually doesn’t repeat. However, for our regular guests, it is important to be able to have the dishes they once enjoyed so much. Often, they request specific meals that they liked here. It’s probably just about what is known as „comfort food” – sentimental food with pleasant connotations, sometimes evoking memories and flavors from childhood. For example, lazy dumplings with melted butter and cinnamon or tomato soup with village cream and lovage. In Swystowy Sad, our comfort food has become sunflower seed paste, known as „Shrek’s paste” by the children due to its olive color.

For us and our guests, a healthy and conscious lifestyle is essential. That’s why we offer vegetarian and vegan cuisine. For vegetarians, it’s a great comfort knowing they don’t have to inquire about every dish to find out what’s in it, and for meat eaters, it’s an opportunity to try new flavors.

One could say that it’s our own signature cuisine, in the style of slow food. Ideas arise depending on what each season, garden, and pantry offer. We cook everything fresh and do not use MSG or other flavor enhancers.

We dine at communal tables, which makes the food taste even better. It allows everyone to leisurely savor the delicacies and engage in conversations with their fellow diners.

What do we eat?

For breakfast at 9 am, there is always something warm – buckwheat, cornmeal, oatmeal. You can add fresh milk straight from the cow, honey, and fruits.

We have various types of bread, different spreads – each day a different one, pâtés, cottage cheese from Mrs. Anna, goat cheese from our farm, eggs, salads, jams, and preserves from our pantry. French toasts with jams. Coffee and tea are also available.

For dinner at 5 pm, we serve soup, a main course, compote, and dessert. We cook everything over an open fire on a wood-burning stove. Additionally, we add a local touch – LEMKO CUISINE. I prepare dishes known from childhood, which adds a special flavor to the meals.